Starmax Deming


  • One Lane - $15.00 per hour
  • 6 people per lane maximum


  • Starmax Movie & Kids Pack - $7.50 per person
    • Kids Pack - (small drink, popcorn & fruit snack)


  • $2.50 per person


  • Arcade will be opened to accommodate large parties
    • (Note support has to be coordinated with outside contractor)



  • Starmax Large 1 Topping - $12.00 (5 pizza minimum)
  • Little Cesar’s - $6.00 each
  • Hot Dog Combo - $3.00 (hot dog, small drink, chips)

Pitcher of Soda - $4.00

Confirmation of Booking

The form below is provided for your planning purposes.  After submitting your request, it will then be reviewed to ensure a scheduling conflict does not occur.  A Starmax representative will call the contact person confirming your request.  The number of students must be as accurate as possible to allow Starmax to staff accordingly.


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